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Chronic Low Body Temperature(95 - 98.2)
aka Hypothermia and Wilson's Syndrome

Observations, References, Resources, and ColdBody Chat

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Raynaud's Syndrome
victim, frequent

Why is Low Body Temperature Important?

The body's enzymatic processes slow over 10%, sometimes 20% per degree of temperature below the "optimum" 98.6 F. Slower chemical function, repair, and disposal of local and environmental toxins puts the body below expected function. This can cause many symptoms and syndromes, such as those listed to the right. Obviously, not all chronic problems are related to chronic low body temperature; but if several of these are noted, it may be prudent to measure one's body temperature on a routine basis to see if chronic low body temperature is a possibility.

This document is not intended as medical advice. It is a compendium of self-diagnosis information, links to treatment and research information, as well as the observations and strategies of others who have chronic low body temperature and resulting health problems.

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Victim's Comments

Overview: The Endless Loop

Mind, nutrition, and body feed back upon each other in an endless loop. This long document mentions things all three areas. You may want to book mark it, or better yet, print it out, mark it up adding your own notes and ideas as thoughts and understanding grow slowly.

Often, the problem lies in all three areas; but if you get the body to work right, mood often improves and appetite often sharpens to trigger desires for the specific nutrients that one needs. (At least if one stays away from non-nutritional flavorings, fake foods, and sweeteners; all of which can interfere with the wisdom of the body and upset its sense of inner balance -- which people don't care about till they are in trouble.) The mind may drag the body a short distance; but it is the body which carries the mind for a lifetime. Fix the body, and the mind will follow.

Here are some things others have tried. You may wish to consider them. Tell us about your experiences and attempts on the chat page. (at end)

There are many problems which will cause chronic low body temperature, from post traumatic stress syndrome to warts, from Candida Albecans to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. What will help you, depends upon the cause and the state of your body. In the long run, the mind tends to follow the body; but in the short run, you have to use your mind to drag youself toward a cure regardless of what people keep telling you. It's your body, YOU know whether it is running right or not. Heal and nurture the body properly, and the mind will begin to sparkle again.

And if your mind isn't sparkling, FIND OUT WHY! It's your life, how do you want to live it? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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Hypothermia (Clinical) See also Subjective Scale, below.

(Revival techniques for Severe Accidental (exposure) Hypothermia: "No one is dead till warm and dead." See: http://www.sarbc.org/hypo1.html. Not applicable to chronic (metabolic) mild hypothermia.)
A body will only shiver when body temperature is below the "thermostat set point" of that body. A low set point will give a false appearance of higher tolerance to cold, as well as an increased intolerance to heat.

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Comments, observations, and strategies culled from various posts, correspondence, and web sites.


[ Sect: Overview | General | Scale | Regulate | Raise | Lower | Effects | Measure | Q's | Refs ]

A Subjective Temperature Scale

Other cognitive and behavioral effects may be related to the manifestation of allergies and low body temperature. Long term physiological consequences are listed on Dr. Cathcart's Wilson's Syndrome page.

Melatonin, Serotonin, and Moods

The brain adjusts its "focus" by adjusting metabolism via circulation. It uses Serotonin, which relaxes smooth muscles in blood vessel wall, thus dilating them; and cells that absorb, hold, and release Serotonin on demand to accomplish this. Hence, circulatory adjustments needed to maintain temperature may also affect thought processes; as may low levels of L-Tryptophan and Niacin, which the body uses to produce Serotonin and Melatonin.

Low Serotonin levels are commonly found in depression, hence the prescription of SSRI's in depression. Many of these SSRI's are also cytochrome P450 consumers, and can put some at risk for porphyria, which is common in people with multiple chemical sensitivities, and becomes worse as enzymatic processes slow due to low body temperature / chronic hypothermia.

Low body temperature is also often found in depression.

Low Melatonin levels are often found in those who have difficulty in sleeping, or who have sleep irregularities. Melatonin is suppressed by exposure to light, and may be delayed by nocturnal exposure bright lights, including light TV and CRT backgrounds.

Paradoxically, while L-Tryptophan and Melatonin appear to induce sleep via body temperature reduction, there is some evidence that the proper cyclical production of Melatonin and Serotonin may boost daytime body temperature. (Some say melatonin takes a few days to get use to. Take only before bedtime. Effective dosage varies markedly from person to person.)

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Thermo - Regulation

Body Temperature = Metabolic Heat - Heat Losses
Sources of Metabolic Heat
Mitochondria (Metabolic energy, see CFIDS/CFS)
Brown Fat
Primary Controls
Thyroid [Refs]
Insulin -- hypoglycemia
Serotonin / Melatonin [ Refs, Sleep ]
Muscular Tension / Theta - Alpha - Beta brain waves
Gross motor activity
Limiting Factors
Fuel -- Food
  • Carbohydrates vs slower burning fuels (oils)
  • Fructose, not well regulated by Insulin (Fast but short energy. Worst sugar for cardiovascular systems.)
  • Breathing -- rate and depth
  • Circulation (+serotonin +niacin +nitroglycerine)
  • Carbon Monoxide leaks -- furnace, water heater, etc.

Heat Loss Factors
  • Hat (head is major loss)
  • Shoes and socks (contact)
  • Limbs (cold limbs raise adrenalin -- tension, may also raise cortisols and other stress indicators, diminishing short term memory and mental function.) Use jackets, not vests.
  • Body core
Ambient Temperature
Drafts and air circulation
Contact -- what you are sitting on
Surface vs deep circulation
Sweat (Many victims do not sweat.)
Lung Function
  • Breathing rate
  • Breathing depth
  • Evaporation in lungs (wet/dry breath)
Food (hot tea vs cold ice cream)

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Core Temperature Raised By:

The point is that one needs to rev up one's metabolic processes. That can be via both physiological, and psychological methods. Simply putting on warmer clothing is usually not enough, and in some cases may make things worse due to metabolic reductions the body may make in effort to maintain the low body temperature. This is what causes hot days to be so difficult for such people. And yet... if it is only the head temperature that is cycling, then perhaps putting on the old thinking cap, a warm loose fitting hat or cap, may be enough to raise brain temperature back to reasonable norms. Perhaps worth trying for some.

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Core Temperature Lowered By:

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Effects of Low Core Body Temperature

[ Sect: Overview | General | Scale | Regulate | Raise | Lower | Effects | Measure | Q's | Refs ]


This author has had some success learning to raise body temperature by remembering the feeling of hot foods like red peppers. This is a form of biofeedback training anyone can try with an ordinary digital thermometer. Whether the temperature remains high for long is another matter; but it was a start at regaining control so warm social matters could be handled with warmth, and cool headed matters with the best analytical coolness. (This author, a systems analyst, favors self training to improve your ability to shift mental gears as needed. If that fail, then try the Wilson's cytomel approach.)

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If you would like to add _short_ observations to this list or links to other Wilson's / Hypothermia pages, contact Webmaster@mall-net.com, with "COLDBODY" in the subject line.

Longer discussions can be posted to the ColdBody Chat page. Yes, you get your own chat page! If two of you happen to be on at the same time, you can chat, or leave notes for others to look over and comment upon at their convenience.

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Are you a physician who treats Wilson's Syndrome and related immune system problems via nutrition wherever possible? Contact us, you may qualify for a free link, membership in the orthomolecular mailing list, and a free page, either here or at Orthomed.com. E-mail Webmaster@mall-net.com and tell us about your practice.


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Low Body Temperature

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