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The following material should not be construed as medical advice. For medical advice, consult a doctor. Some would recommend an environmental medicine specialist, and/or a specialist in orthomolecular medicine, such as those listed at the end of this piece.




What is MCS?
What is Wilson's Syndrome?
The Coldbody Page
Avoiding Anaphylactic Shock.
What works for CFS - Chronic Fatigue
Foods, Feelings, Faculties Diary
To recover, You need ALL the Pieces, not just one or two.

What are some of the key Allergy Aids, and Resources

What is Sick Building Syndrome. (Review of a NOVA PBS TV show).

Could Low Body Temperature, Wilson's Syndrome, cause some of my symptoms?

Could I have Candida / Yeast problems? How can I tell ?

What about Lyme disease?

What happened to my Immune system and Immune med. org.

How can I make my home a Healthy Home? Tad Taylor!

What is Multiple Chemical Syndrome?

I get tired and/or achy in front of my Computer Display. What can I do about it?

Americans with Disabilities Act information.

  • Mad Cow / CJD
  • Stachybotrys, deadly black mold
  • Gliotoxin, a mycotoxin and liver inhibitor.
  • Cytochrome P-450, a vital detoxification enzyme involved in porphyria.

    Thyroid and Mad Cow

  • Do I deserve to be healthy? Does anyone have any faith in me? Is Technology evil?

    They told me to rotate my foods and keep a Diary. How many times do I turn my plate? Practical Food Rotation Techniques What do I put in my dull and boring Foods, Feelings and Faculties Diary?

    What are some of the better books and treatments I should read about these allergy, yeast, and chem problems?

    Someone pushed my arm down and said I was allergic to something. Is this legit? Can I do it myself? Kinesiology - Testing for Allergies Yourself

    I need to buy some air filters, or something! Do I trust Consumer or Industrial appliances? I'm confused and tired! How can I Shop Effectively?

    The filter units are expensive. Can I Build my own HEPA (or other) Air Filter rig? Can I use Zeolite to help clean the air?

    This product is toxic! Where do I complain? Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. Please! Help get toxic products off the market!

    How can I remodel my home to be safer? has checklists and other products to help you create a safer environment.

    Who treatsMCS, CFS, Wilson's, etc?

    Why won't my regular doctor talk to me? Is he scared of me? Why?

    What is this I hear about Dr. Cathcart, M.D. and megadoses of Vitamin C? And Chelation Therapy.

    I feel tired! What's the scoop on Chronic Fatigue?

    I am cold and tired all the time. Why does Dr. Cooter, PhD like Molybdenum? What else is known about Low Body Temperature

    Put Yogurt on the skin? Helped some a lot!

    Some allergies are related to Gut Permeability, and that often involves Candida Albecans. Here is a list of Anti-Fungals from a popular e-mail book. And a lab, Great Smokies that does well!

    Research papers on Alpha Lipoic Acid, Thioctic Acid, an over the counter liver support against fungal toxins.

    Sun Allergy: Little Red Hills on the skin

    Build a bathroom Sauna

    Many, if not Most MCSers seem to have Porphyria-related problems involving the Cytochrome P-450 biochemical detox pathways.

    The Gerson Institute

    The Environmental Health Center - Dallas

    Toxic perFUME and Fragrance

    Search engines for medical and non-med use.

    MCS Chat
    People like us.
    (Other Chats)

    People like us.
    MCS Chat
    (Other Chats)

    MCS Chat
    People like us.
    (Other Chats)

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    Mailing Lists

    There are several mailing lists for immune system problems:

    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity / Chemical Injury

    MCS-CI is a support based list for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chemical Injuries. It is a high volume list (digest available).. with discussions on MCS.. auto-immune dsyfunction, sick schools, sick hospitals, organic foods, and everything pertaining to the emergence of MCS as a recognized illness.. it's treatments and solutions.


    A private list for physicians and biochemists only. Far too confusing for the average non-medical person, their motto is: "We learn more by sharing our puzzlement than by keeping quiet." If you qualify, contact with "Orthomolecular" in the subject line for for further information.

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