The Nature of Steam

Copyright (C) 2004


Steam is an interesting phenomenon. It is composed of myriads of tiny water droplets condensing from hot moist air. As it moves, it swirls and fold unto itself over and over in complex ways that you can't quite see.

Want to see what it is really like inside?

Here's a simple experiment I ran in my kitchen. You can do this too, I'll show you how. It's like some experiments on fog density measurement I did for a highway transportation group a few years back as a consultant.

Science should be fun, an exploration that gets the imagination going, and shows you how the world works. This kind of stuff runs deep in my family, Dad and I did a lot of "kitchen science" like this when I was young. It made me wonder how things work, and got me figuring out how to find out. Today, as a software engineering consultant, I use that habit of trying things, of scientific experimentation, to figure out how to do things no one else has done before. It's Fun!

Let's look at how we set up the experiment, and later, we can look at some more pictures and think about what we saw.