New York City Bomb

A car full of fireworks, gasoline, and propane. a glorious, righteous flaming explosion! Terror in New York City's streets, burning, dying bodies stampeding people. Again! Terrorists, ask yourself why Allah did not insure the success of your explosions? If your terrorism is so righteous, Why did not Allah insure your explosions? Could it be Allah has other plans, other hopes for humanity? Could it be Allah dreams of humanity living in piece and harmony with itself, not dying, not blown to pieces by suicide bombers and brainless terrorists? Think about it! Whether you call Our Creator God or Allah, One Creator created ALL of humanity. You believe that, don't you? I know I believe that. So why are you trying to destroy the Mighty Allah's Handiworks? Allah does not create junk! Don't be an Errorist, Stop being a terrorist! One God created all of humanity. Thus the only difference between religions, is the opinions of the religious. We are all peoples of the book. Go read The Book in peace. Read it for Yourself that others may not deceive you into the paths of sin and terror, For that truly is an error.