fogged in,
rained in,
or simply...
asleep at the switch.

More to Come

Almost done moving!
Fast Internet is up!
More photos soon!
For one of the above reasons...
None of the many pictures I took the last few
days are up to par for showing on these pages.
Below is a list of photos from earlier days.
Why not take another look at your favorites.
Then come back for more Tomorrow.

Or take a look at some of my fiction:

Yesterday's Pictures
116 Images

Fri Sep 7 02:25:33 GMT 2007
Yesterday Starfish
starfish.html Starfish
redfern.html Red Fern
whiteclam.html White Clam
calypso.html Calypso Dancer
cloudbrk.html A Break in the Clouds
stonemask.html Stone Mask
cshell.html Sea Shell
icestar.html Ice Star
beachflower.html Beach Flower
hoofprints.html Hoofprints
shelflt.html Fluted Shell
tuftfog.html A Tuft of Fog
sunsetred.html Flaming Red Sunset
sunrise.html Sunrise over Morgan Hill
stonlayr.html Color Layers
yesterday.html frosth2.html Frost 2
wwbulwark.html Weathered Wooden Bulwark
woodserpent.html Wood Serpent
whowhatch2.html Who is Watching?
whowatchq.html Who's Watching -- Smiling Sky
whodamsel.html Damsel De Wood
seahunt.html The Hunt
seablad.html Seaweed Air Bladder
scsunset.html Santa Cruz Sunset
scjsunset.html Sunset
sap.html A Sticky Drop
sandstone.html Sand and Sandstone
sandleafz.html Sand Leaf
sandflow.html Sand Flow
sandacorn.html Acorn
sananeve.html San Andreas Evening
sanandr.html San Andreas Morning
rowboat.html American Rowboat
rockstream.html Water
river.html  MALL-NET
spikes.html The Three Guards
reach.html Reaching
rainsand.html After the Rain
rainfngr.html Rain Finger
radcross.html KSBW Cross
protohominis.html Protohominis Summitii
planning.html Sometimes, Planning is Useful
ssjnight.html South San Jose City Lights
skyglow.html Glowing Cloud
silohouse.html Silo House
shelstone.html Shell and Stone
shelodd.html Odd Shell
seashell.html Seashell
pict0264s.html Shadow Pebbles
picasso.html Picasso Rocko
phobos.html VLINK=#00FFFF>6032 Dog Dust
p0877.html Distant Passes
p0431.html Thunderhead over Morgan Hill
next2.html Misty Morgan's Hill
next.html Distant Passes
mydrive.html My Driveway in the Sky
mutewitness.html Mute Witness
mtspirit.html Mountain Spirit
mtroad.html Mountain Retreat Road
moonrise.html Moonrise over Morgan Hill
misspoint.html Missing the Point
mhnight.html Night Lights
mhmorn.html Morgan Hill Morning
mhmoonrise.html Morgan Hill Moonrise
landclds.html Coyote Valley
ksbwsunrise.html KSBW Sunrise
inversion.html Ground Fog and Temperature Inversion over Coyote Valley
leafsand.html Leaf Sand
imitate.html Imitation
leapdanc.html Dancing, Leaping
mansea.html Old Man of the Sea
hitachi.html Memories
leafport.html Portrait of a Leaf
mhhoriz.html Morgan Hill Horizon
mhcloudlayer.html Cloud Layer over Morgan's Hill
mbsunrise.html Primal Mists of Sunrise
leafglow.html Leaf Glow
leafdew.html Life is Warmth
laughhippo.html Laughing Hippo
lakecloud.html Lake of Clouds
foglights.html Foggy City Lights
frostlf2.html Micro-frost
frostlf.html Frosted Leaf
frosthair.html Frost Hair
frosth2.html Frost 2
frostbud.html Frost Bud
frogroot.html Toad Root
frberry.html Frozen Berry
fogtree2.html Fog Rolls In
fogtree.html Fog Tree
coldmorn.html Cold Morning Fog
compint.html Computatus Interruptus
evemist.html Evening Mists
cloudpastel.html Pastel Clouds in the Morning
fogflood.html The Fog Floods
cloudconv.html Long Faced Cloud
cloudcat.html The Great Cat
carry.html Carrying Her Home
burlmask.html Burl Mask
burlindian.html The Difference a Day Makes
bluemorn.html Blue Morning
blimps.html Border Patrol
apparition.html Foggy Apparition