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Symptoms of Wilson's Syndrome

If you have a body temperature of less than 98.6 F. and some of the following symptoms you probably have Wilson's Syndrome. This condition involves a disorder where the cells of the body are unable to convert the inactive thyroid hormone, T4, into the more active hormone, T3. Wilson's Syndrome itself does not alter the thyroid hormone tests. It may exist in association with true hypothyroidism, however. In these cases, thyroid tests may be abnormal but the usually prescribed thyroid hormones may not entirely solve the problem.

Symptoms of Wilson's Syndrome may include the following:
acid indigestion allergies anxiety panic attacks
arthritis muscular/joint aches asthma bad breath
increase bruising canker sores carpal tunnel syndrome elevated cholesterol levels
cold hands and feet and Raynaud's phenomenon constipation/irritable bowel syndrome lack of coordination depression
dry eyes/blurred vision dry hair hair loss dry skin
fatigue fluid retention flushing food cravings
food intolerances headaches including migraines heat and/or cold intolerance hemorrhoids
hives hypoglycemia recurrent infections infertility
insomnia and narcolepsy irregular periods and menstrual cramps irritability
itchiness lightheadedness low blood pressure decreased memory and concentration
decreased motivation/ambition musculoskeletal strains unhealthy nails changes in pigmentation, skin, and hair
increased post-prandial response premenstrual syndrome psoriasis decreased self-esteem
decreased sex drive and anhedonia inhibited sexual development increased skin infections/acne increased susceptibility to substance abuse
abnormal swallowing and throat sensations sweating abnormalities tinnitus (ringing in the ears) inappropriate weight gain
decreased wound healing.

If you suspect that you have Wilson's Syndrome, take your temperature with an accurate glass/mercury thermometer orally 3 hours after getting up and every 3 hours times 3 for a couple of days. If your temperature averages a few 10ths of a degree below 98.6F., and you have several of the above symptoms, you have Wilson's Syndrome.

This list of symptoms was taken from the Table of Contents of E. Denis Wilson, M.D. Wilson's Syndrome: The Miracle of Feeling Well, Cornerstone Publishing Company, Orlando, FL. Third Edition, 1996.

Content (C) 1995 and prior years, Dr. Robert F. Cathcart.

Dr. Cathcart


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