It was time... the had to let Barbaro go. Laminitis in all legs. Barbaro himself started losing that wonderful spirit. Hope, which carried Barbaro and all of us, started to ebb.

Reading the logs, the outpouring of emotion around Barbaro is hard to believe, but in a world where people blow other people up just because they want to blow someone, anyone up... (Palestinian vs Palestinian? Come on idiots; it's not the Jews who are your enemy, they never really were, never really wanted to be! It's your own attitudes!) And that, is what this horse was all about -- Attitude.


It's not just about a race horse. it's about us too,
It's about those of us who run with our minds,
run with our hearts, and sometimes, even with our legs.

Barbaro, your spirit lit the way...
You reminded us what we are,
what we are supposed to be.

Its about those of us who perform to the limits,
and those of us who wish we had the chance.

It's not about speed.
It's about COURAGE!
About Purity, and PURPOSE!
About not fearing to be the best we may be.
About doing our best just to see how best we may be.

How many of us are afraid we can't, so never try?
How many of us never try, just to avoid failing?
Is that not failing? Failing to avoid fear of failure?

Barbaro, your spirit lit the way,
gave us courage to face the day.

You will run forever in our minds.
Run free and clear, and never tire.
And always nuzzle us for the carrots and apples we bring.

It's also about caring.
You were safe to care about.
What of the next door neighbor?
Do we care about him or her?

What about the old man at the bus stop?
Is he safe to care about? Should we?